They made it. Now what?

A couple months back, Tim Rugg and Dan Wolf pitched a plan to us: they wanted to travel across the country and hit major MTB and road races in Texas, Arizona, and California during March and April. We liked their renegade ambition, so we tossed some cash and supplies at them and sent them on their merry way.

Here’s a cool local write up:

Old South High // Two dudes from harrisonburg just set off on an excellent adventure

They’ve had some flats, wrecks, and eaten plenty of donuts (Tim’s Blog), but they’ve also had some podium finishes, too. All the while they’ve been rocking our schwag and having one hell of an adventure. Rock and/or roll, guys!


By virtue of most road trips, Tim and Dan were not immune to the buildup of stress that close-quarters slummin’ can bring after several weeks on the open road and the intensity that comes with race prep. So, it seemed perfectly reasonable that these two might adopt separate return-trip agendas. After Redlands, Tim soloed home to process the trip and plan the next one. Dan made his escape from the Western adventure by way of driving our friend Jeremiah Bishop’s SoCal styled race van back to Harrisonburg.

photo (5)

What’s next?  Well, according to Sho-Air and USA Cycling, not much below 6000’ as far as “official” high level MTB racing. Luckily, the Mid-Atlantic offers up plenty of high octane events to keep our team stoked into Summer. And there’s still MTB Nationals in PA in July.

On the local front, warm(er) weather has started to bring out an action-packed list of Spring events like the Harris-Roubaix and a new Alley Cat race scene here in the Bike Capital of Virginia.






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