Lawwill Pro Cruiser | 1978 First Production MTB


In today’s world of high modulus carbons and custom-tuned suspension, it’s easy to forget where mountain bikes started and how things have evolved over time due to the ever expanding demands of the sport. Long gone are the steel handlebars that were wider than most motorcycle bars, and the lead weight, rigid steel frames derivative of the BMX scene. However, these are the bikes that helped shape much of the technology we mountain bikers love and enjoy today.

Over the last month, here at Pro Tested Gear, we’ve had the pleasure of prepping a Lawwill Pro Cruiser – the first production mountain bike from 1978, and let’s just say this thing is: RAD. First off, these frames were hand built by Terry Knight out of Oakland. Only 600 were made from 1978 to ­1980 and were loaded with choice bits like Sturmey Archer drum brakes, Shimano 600, and a Brooks saddle.  Having one roll into the shop, and getting to restore it along side its modern counterparts was a bit of a Back To The Future experience. With a little bit of elbow grease and steel polish, we were able to breathe new life into this thing. Take a look at a few of the pictures from the whole process, and check out this historic piece of cycling history in our store.




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